Pedestrian Finds Abandoned Newborn Seal. Rescuers Risk Lives To Try And Save Her

rescuers seal baby newborn cliff
"this might be our only chance to save its life"

Woman Finds Dog Scared and Starving on Dirt Road, Gives The Dirt Bags A Piece Of Her Mind

She kept telling him "this is the last time anyone will hurt you"

Residents Ban Together To Save Their Amphibian Friends & Strengthen Their Community, ‘It Is A Very…

Frogs migrate
There are many reasons for a road to be closed. Construction and events are the most common. We see signs for deer crossing, watch for children, and signs to be careful because of a blind person, but have you ever seen a sign for...

VIDEO: School Janitor Does Some Quick Thinking When He Opens A Door & Is Greet With Sharp Teeth

mountain lion in school
Wednesday morning at a Northern California high school, a custodian safely confined a cougar, who was just curiously walking around, in an empty classroom. At around 8:23 a.m. the sheriff's office received a call from the school that there was a mountain lion in the...

Owners Give Dog Plate Of New Food, Her Reaction Is Hysterical

she may have better manners than most kids.

Funny Parrot Takes Slipper From Owner and Will Not give it back

parrot takes slipper
Raising a parrot is a lot like raising a child. There is a great responsibility with caring for a parrot. Parrots live for around 50 to 60 years old. They typically need to live in a forever home. If things get too expensive or...

Dog Saved From Dirty Worm-infested Water, Video Will Get You In Tears

Dog Saved
One day, two people were walking down the road when they spotted something moving in the water under a bridge. They were curious and went to it to get a better look. They soon realized that it was a dog. It was stuck in...