Boy Visits Animal Shelter To Practice Reading, Cat Starving For Attention Has Other Ideas

"Finn, one of our Rescue Readers, had a captive audience in Finn the cat when he visited the shelter to read to our adoptable animals.”

Dog’s Adorable Date Night Routine, video is lovable

date night dog
A video on Instagram shows a labrador by the name of Magnus about to go on a date with his girlfriend Phoebe, another labrador. In the video, he needs to get ready for his date and needs to look his best. He went through...

Mother Cow Asks Man for Help, You won’t Believe What For

Man Helps Cow
Dave, a local passing motorist, stopped at a little pond in a fenced-in cow field to get some good pictures and videos of cows bathing in the pond. It was a hot spring day and Dave was getting good videos of the cows. One...

Video: ‘I Could Hear The Dogs Screaming’ & That’s When They Sprung Into Action

dogs saved
Several dogs were rescued that were trapped in an RV that caught on fire. Deputy Nicholas Collins and his partner, Zach Newell, went to the RV and saw heavy smoke coming from it in the 900 block of Perth Street in Arapahoe County. The trailer...

Pedestrian Finds Abandoned Newborn Seal. Rescuers Risk Lives To Try And Save Her

rescuers seal baby newborn cliff
"this might be our only chance to save its life"