With Coyotes On The Prowl, Heroic Dog Fights To Protect Scared Boy After Car Crash

without him there's a chance he wouldn't be alive.

Boy Visits Animal Shelter To Practice Reading, Cat Starving For Attention Has Other Ideas

"Finn, one of our Rescue Readers, had a captive audience in Finn the cat when he visited the shelter to read to our adoptable animals.”

Thought To Be Gone For Good 10 years Later These Lovable Little Animals Beat The Odds

After disappearing for a decade, some lovable little animals have beaten the odds. A routine survey in Galveston Island State Park uncovered a nest of 107 precious turtle eggs belonging to a Kemp's Ridley sea turtle. These critically endangered species are the world's most endangered...

Firemen Save Adorable Unconscious Puppy From Burning Building After Using New Technique

If it weren't for them, the poor dog wouldn't have survived.

Watch: A Cat Desperate For A Home Adopts A Cute Trick

cat wave
What makes cat people cat people. Is it the similar personalities between humans and cats? Maybe it is the excitement that comes with owning a cat. But there are some people that are absolutely not cat people. Cats also have different personalities just as humans...