Hero Cat Saves 84 Year Old Vet From Certain Death

cat saves owner
The 84-year-old U.S. Army veteran Ron Williams has discovered yet another reason to adore Fluffy after the cat's fuzzy friend saved his life. A few years ago, a buddy paid Ron a visit and brought the retired man a nice surprise: Fluffy's male friend. Fluffy and...

Amazing! Man Wrestles Alligator To Save His Puppy (VIDEO)

Jake, is an 8 month old chocolate lab and he loves visitors even though an alligator just tried to eat him for lunch. “He’s on the mend. He’s full of spit and vinegar today," said Jake's owner Mike McCoy. McCoy was walking his 8 month old...

Company Finds Creative Solution That Feeds Stray Dogs And Cats For Free!

They wanted to create a stable environment for the stray dogs and cats.

Puppy left for dead after being hit by a car has life-saving surgery

dog left for dead
A dog named Jack left for dead just had a second chance for life and will soon be able to have a forever home. Thanks to a woman who found Jack laying on the side of the road, presumed to have been hit by a...

Unlikely Friendship Between a Dog and a Duck, Video is Adorable

Dog Duck Relationship
Have you ever heard the term opposites attract? Well that must be true because this unlikely duo could not be farther from the opposite of each other. I bet you have heard of the duo between a dog and a cat, a cat and...

Proposal Goes Wrong After Mother Nature Steps In

giraffe interrupts proposal
A lady was headbutted by a giraffe in a viral video posted on social media after her boyfriend proposed to her. In a video she shared on TikTok on Wednesday, Montserrat Cox's boyfriend proposed to her as they were feeding giraffes at a safari park. One...

Handlers Give Zola A Kiddie Pool–But Are Stunned By His Wild Reaction

They quickly grabbed their cameras...the internet needed to see this!