pug store

This video is about a pug that is so excited about going into his favorite store PetSmart. The reaction of the dog is adorable. He ends up getting so excited, that he jumps around in his seat and starts barking like crazy. All because of PetSmart.

The video starts with the pug, named Captain, getting told that they were going to go to PetSmart. As soon as Captain heard PetSmart come out of his owner’s mouth, he got ecstatic to go inside. It is like a little kid who overhears that they are going to go to a candy store or a toy store. They get overwhelmed with excitement and can’t keep in their joy.

Eventually, the pug starts to howl with joy and starts jumping around in his seat. His owner proceeds to ask Captain if he wants to go in or if he wants to play with his friends inside. (Who wouldn’t want to hang around with their friends in PetSmart, I know I would). The owner tries to calm him down by trying to make him sit and be quiet, but can’t seem to do so with the overexcitement of the dog.

The owner finally lets the dog out of the car and heads toward the doors. The dog almost leaps out of the owner’s leach to reach the store quicker. The dog seems to be much less overexcited because he finally was on his way into the store. When he gets inside, he starts sniffing around because he smells the other dogs who were there previously. His short legs also allow him to slide and slip all over the floor. (it’s very cute if you ask me).

If you have a pet that you want to take somewhere with you, then go to PetSmart. With this video, it has been proven that dogs love PetSmart.

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