Dog That Was Shot & Stabbed Gets A Second Chance At Life With An Amazing New Job

Brave dog with officer
A courageous dog who survived being shot with a gun and stabbed with a kitchen knife has been hired by the police after being rescued by an active officer. Before being saved by Chief Inspector Jayne Forrest of South Yorkshire Police during a raid in...

Veterinarian Names 5 Of The Worst Dogs To Own & Has Pet Owners Fuming

A veterinarian has the internet fuming after she named the five "worst" dog breeds she wouldn't own. Posting under the account of dr.terrelpetvet should took part in the popular "five-things challenge" noting what dogs she would and wouldn't own. She started with hairless dogs. “The dogs themselves...

Firefighters Huddle Around Storm Drain-Then Begin Pulling Out These Little Babies

they were surprised when they pulled all 8 of them out

Watch: Wow! Meet The ‘Friendly’ Great White

The great white shark is one of the most deadly sea creatures on the planet. Anyone in their way is practically bate. In the video below this is not the case. Below shows a video of a great white by the name of "Bite Face."...

Bear Cub Is Unable To Keep Up With His Momma And Siblings, So Cop Comes To Save The Day

He knew it could potentially be dangerous, but he knew he had to help

Proposal Goes Wrong After Mother Nature Steps In

giraffe interrupts proposal
A lady was headbutted by a giraffe in a viral video posted on social media after her boyfriend proposed to her. In a video she shared on TikTok on Wednesday, Montserrat Cox's boyfriend proposed to her as they were feeding giraffes at a safari park. One...