Navy Confused As To What Was In Water-When They Get Closer Look, They All Jump Out

They didn't even know if they would be able to help

Strange Dog Repeatedly Sneaks Into House To Take Naps, Then One Day She Sees Note On His Collar

She had no clue where the dog came from or who he belonged to.

Bear Cub Is Unable To Keep Up With His Momma And Siblings, So Cop Comes To Save The Day

He knew it could potentially be dangerous, but he knew he had to help

Puppy Rescued From Abusive Home Finally Adopted-Has The Best Reaction To Meeting His New Owner

Joey Wagner is the creator of a nonprofit animal rescue organization, which is located in Nova Scotia. He was used to seeing and hearing about animals in terrible condition. But when he saw this little guy, his heart broke into a million pieces. Joey had heard...

Woman Saves Dog From Wreck. Dog Takes Her Back To Woods, Then Makes A Surprising Discovery

"The last thing I'd seen was her looking straight into my eyes before she went up into the woods."
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