All Because Of Chocolate A Wild Grandma Defies Death To Help Those In Need

93-year-old wingwalking
After being motivated by a TV commercial for a chocolate bar, a 93-year-old grandma performed a wing walk for the FIFTH time. In an effort to collect money for the charity Sue Ryder, Betty Bromage fastened herself to a biplane's wings. Despite experiencing neck arthritis, the...

Internet Divided After Dad Goes Viral Building A ‘Flamethrower’ For His Kids

Dad builds flamethrower for kids
Of course, you can't just hand your child a real flamethrower and let them have it. That would be far too dangerous, but one father took matters into his own hands and transformed a leaf blower into a magnificent and impressive-looking "flamethrower" toy for...

Groom-To-Be Expects First Look At Bride, But When He Turns Around He Bursts Out Laughing

The only thing he could manage to say was "I love you"

Blind Woodworker Amazes Just Using Touch & Smell

blind woodturner
When most people think of woodturning, they envision someone carefully working a piece of wood on a lathe, using precise tools to create a beautiful and functional work of art. But for one blind woodturner, the process is entirely different. This extraordinary craftsman relies...

Firefighters Huddle Around Storm Drain-Then Begin Pulling Out These Little Babies

they were surprised when they pulled all 8 of them out

As A Three Year Old Slipped Under The Water, This Seven Year Old Does The Miraculous

Child saves drowning 3 year old
Every year in the United States, around 900 children from the ages 0-19 die unintentionally from drowning and more than half of them are at the age of five or below. Some children have that urge to help. That can be helping with chores, around-the-house...