Summer Love Turns Tragic, She Makes Phone Call Years Later & His Whole World Changes Fast

Summer Love Turns Tragic, She Makes Phone Call Years Later & His Whole World Changes Fast
she didn't know why but she had a feeling she needed to call

Man Risks his Life to Save 2 Year Old from Drowning

Mas saves toddler
There are many stories of courageous people selflessly saving the lives of others, but this story stands out. One day, Jonathan Bauer and his teen daughter were out and about when all of a sudden they got involved in a 5 car pile up...

Rescuers Find Abandoned Dog At Gas Station, Then Notice The Heartbreaking Note On Collar

They didn't understand why someone would just abandon her

Teen Does A Simple Act Of Kindness & Ends Up Getting More Than He Ever Expected

Teen returns stolen purse
In 2020, the amount of purses stolen well exceeded 11,000 purses. Most poeple who would see pocketbook or a purse and immediately want to take it and steal the contents of it. Or just steal the whole purse. But there is still some good...

Little Boy’s Discovery Leaves Scientists In Awe

Shark Tooth
On a British beach, a six-year-old digging for shark teeth discovered a four-inch long megalodon tooth that had been buried for at least three million years. Sammy Shelton discovered the tooth with his father Peter on Bawdsey Beach in Gorleston-on-Sea, Suffolk; it's a popular place...

Rock Superstar Creates A Special Moment To Honor His Mom

Wolfgang Grammy
Even though Wolfgang Van Halen did not come home a winner from the Grammys, he did feel like it when he went on the red carpet with his mom Valerie Bertinelli. He also had his girlfriend beside him and decided to celebrate his good fortune...

Firefighters Give The Sweetest Farewell To Their Beloved Firehouse Dog

We were saying goodbye to one of our own...