Woman About To Adopt Flees When Baby Is Born With Birth Defects…The End Result? SPECTACULAR!

Instead of living with her adoptive parents in Georgia, Abigail Lynn is now at home with her birth mother, Christina Fischer, in Florida. After seeing the child, who was born with defects, the adoptive mother ran out of the hospital in tears, but Fischer...

Firefighters Huddle Around Storm Drain-Then Begin Pulling Out These Little Babies

they were surprised when they pulled all 8 of them out

As A Three Year Old Slipped Under The Water, This Seven Year Old Does The Miraculous

Child saves drowning 3 year old
Every year in the United States, around 900 children from the ages 0-19 die unintentionally from drowning and more than half of them are at the age of five or below. Some children have that urge to help. That can be helping with chores, around-the-house...

‘Not A Single Soul Wanted To Help’ Until Young Man Took A Leap of Faith To Save An Infant

Man adopts child
A young Haitian guy is seeking to adopt a child he discovered in a garbage can despite the fact that it interferes with his university education. Jimmy Amisial, 27, who has been formally recognized as the boy's guardian, is only waiting to gather money for...

Bear Cub Is Unable To Keep Up With His Momma And Siblings, So Cop Comes To Save The Day

He knew it could potentially be dangerous, but he knew he had to help