Dog Saves 81 Year Old Man In a Wheelchair From Drowning

Man Saved from Drowning
Dogs are called man’s best friend. Some people agree, others not so much. According to ‘The Dog People’ from, “dogs have proven themselves time and again to be loyal, kind, understanding, and have an indomitable spirit. They greet us happily after what may...

Mother Gives The Greatest Gift Of All After Daughter Battles With Infertility

In Utah, a 50-year-old mother gave her daughter the greatest gift of all: life — twice. When Chalise Smith's daughter, Kaitlyn Munoz, 25, battled with infertility, the mother of eight stepped in as a surrogate for her.

As The Deadly Wave Pulled Mother & Daughter Out To Sea That’s When A Bartender Risked Everything

For one bartender in South Africa, a regular shift at the bar just became an act of heroism. Tongai Matandirotya, a waiter at Brass Bell Restaurant in Cape Town, forgot about his personal safety and the drink he was preparing for a customer. He dove...

‘By The Grace Of God’ Pilot’s Quick Thinking Avoids Disaster During ‘Amazing’ Emergency Landing

plane emergency landing on highway
On a North Carolina highway early on Sunday morning, a single-engine pilot made an emergency landing. According to WLOS-TV, Vincent Fraser was in the air with his father-in-law when the plane's engine started to malfunction. “I would go through my checklist and I was able to...