Homeless Man’s Life Changed By Compassionate Cafe Owner. He Gives Back In Incredible Way

"Do something nice for someone today and don’t judge them."

Video: ‘I Could Hear The Dogs Screaming’ & That’s When They Sprung Into Action

dogs saved
Several dogs were rescued that were trapped in an RV that caught on fire. Deputy Nicholas Collins and his partner, Zach Newell, went to the RV and saw heavy smoke coming from it in the 900 block of Perth Street in Arapahoe County. The trailer...

Watch: As The Waters Rise LAFD Rush Into Action To Save A Scared Four Legged Friend

dog rescue
The Los Angeles Fire Department has successfully pulled a dog out of a river, which ended up being a 2.5-hour rescue. The crew has made many other efforts to get this dog named Scooby to safety, including rescuing his owner. Before Scooby was brought to safety,...

During The Game A Ref Dropped With No Pulse But Then An Unlikely Moonlighting Hero Flies Into Action

basketball player saves life
With the Toledo Glass City basketball team, Myles Copeland competes in minor league basketball. The 25-year-old enjoys playing basketball in addition to his day job as a fireman. On June 11, the team was scheduled to play against the Jamestown Jackals in one of the games. Front...