Moments after Duffy's surgery

In this heart-warming video, a blind dog underwent surgery that allowed him to see once again, and his reaction was priceless. Benjamin May grew up with a dog named Duffy and had many long-lasting memories. Duffy was a rescue dog when the family adopted him. Although he wasn’t of peak health, you wouldn’t know anything was wrong.

Diabetes that could have had many consequences had later formed throughout Duffy, one of which was eyesight. Duffy had struggled with eyesight and eventually lost it all together within 5 months. Benjamin wrote on Reddit, “within about three to five months, he went from a totally normal, eight-year-old dog, to a dog who was completely blind.”

Duffy’s owners gave him medication to try to help the condition, but nothing was working. Medical professionals told Benjamin and his family about a life-changing surgery that might bring back Duffy’s eyesight. They decided to go through with the surgery hoping for the dog to see them once again.

The moment that Duffy came out of his surgery was spectacular. The video shows Duffy running into the room where his family was waiting, and running at them with joy as his tail was waging energetically. Although he had a cone around his head, he didn’t seem to notice it because he was so excited to finally see his family after 2 years of being blind.

Whenever Benjamin watches this video, he can’t help but be emotional about it. He told The Daily Mail, “It literally brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it.” Benjamin also said to The Daily Mail, “I can only imagine what went through his mind that one day, it went black.” After the surgery, benjamin made sure to get home for the holidays as quickly as possible, so he could spend them with his dog.