Ron Kraus was outside, setting up for his son’s first birthday party, when a man pulled over, asking for some water for his overheated radiator. With Ron being the nice person he is, he said of course. But something just seemed off about the situation.

He stepped inside, only far enough to reach the cooler that was beside the doors. And his son Ryker was just sitting at his feet, but still didn’t want to keep his eyes off of him for too long.

And that’s when he looked over and saw the man doing something he couldn’t imagine.

The stranger in the car was trying to get Ryker into a duffel bag and then began taking off, running down the driveway to his van.

Ron knew that if the man got 100 feet further, he would never see his son again. So he began taking off after him, knowing this could potentially be a life or death situation for his son.

Ron got close enough, and punched the guy in the head, knocking him down to the ground, along with Ryker.

“I picked him up, I’m checking him out, making sure he’s fine, and I’m getting him in the house,” said Ron, recalling that day’s events.

They went inside to call 911 and gave every detail about the man that he could. And by the time he went to look outside, the man had already taken off.

“I hope they are able to take the information we have given them, and I hope that they stop him before he does it again,” said Kraus. And we definitely agree. Something like this should never happen.

We are so thankful that Ron was able to stop the man from taking his child, and we are glad that everything turned out to be okay, and that none were hurt. It truly is a miracle! This dad definitely is a hero.

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