These two moms were brought down onto the field at a St. Paul Saints baseball game, and they had no idea they would soon be seeing their sons.

They had no idea that their sons were safe or even in the same time zone as them.

They were told that they were participating in a contest that would either win gift cards or a mystery prize. The mystery prize was behind a huge, wooden bag. Allowing for them to see that the mystery prize was rather large.

The two moms, unbeknownst to them, would win the best, most grand prize they could ever win. Not only would they be thrilled, but their hearts would be happy knowing that their children were safe.

When the video announcers gave them the choice of which prize they would choose, they both chose the mystery prize. The announcer let the suspense build for a second as he wanted to get the full effect.


The embraces that these moms shared with their sons said a million things at once. The embrace that they received back said everything that needed to be said and more.

While it is a mother’s duty to love, support, and worry for their child, it’s also their duty to feel complete and utter happiness at times like these. Especially when they haven’t seen their children for longer periods of time like these moms.

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Source: Positive News Network