Hero Jumps Into Chilly Waters To Save Toddler Flung Into The Ocean After Crash

It was just a normal Sunday for Jonathan Bauer who was out running errands with his 13 year old daughter. Then, while on a bridge crossing the Assawoman Bay in Ocean City, Maryland a truck lost control. "The first thing I remember is hearing the tires...

Compassionate Nurse Sees Struggling New Mothers, Posts Little Note That Leaves Big Impact

No woman ever likes to step on the scale to reveal their weight. New moms can be especially sensitive to their results. Mariah Kaitlyn Herrera lost all of her self-love when she stepped on the scale postpartum. Thanks to one special nurse, new moms...

50 Moms Perform Astounding Carpool Karaoke Bringing Famous Host To Tears

The most beautiful karaoke performance...EVER!!

New Parents Are At Their Wits End. Then, Grandpa Arrives

"I don't feel so alone in this journey."

Surprise Yourself With These 5 Easy Ways To Make The Most Of Your Money

The only regret you will have is not knowing about this sooner.
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