Max had grown up for most of his life with dreadlocks…

It took him 9 years to grow out his dreads and get them to where he wanted them to be. Dreadlocks are very high maintenance to keep up and Max had done a great job taking care of them, although his mom really wanted to see him with a nice neat haircut. That’s all she wanted.

One day the teen decides to surprise his mom and all his friends and family and finally get his hair cut and one by one his hair gets shorter and shorter. No one had ever seen him without dreads so they were definitely in for a huge surprise.

When the deed is done and his hair was cut short, he waited by the front door for his mom to come home so he could capture her reaction on video.

As soon as she stepped in the house she started crying and hugging her son.

She couldn’t believe he had honored her wish and how handsome he was. She was overwhelmed by the transformation because she’d never seen him all grown up with short hair.

He looks like a totally different kid, but it’s so sweet that he wanted to do something nice for his mom. She will remember this forever.

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