Dog Rescued From Iced-Over Lake by Courageous Officer

Officer saves puppy
Ice is very dangerous to walk on. Ice forms on a river when the temperature is below freezing and the water molecules on the surface freeze to form a layer of ice on the top of the water. The Olean Fire Department stated, “River...

Courageous Dog Saves Two Other Dogs Stuck In a Moving Canoe

Dog Saves
One day, three dogs and their owners were kayaking in a river. They were all having a lot of fun, especially the dogs. As they were kayaking they saw a bank and they decided to stop at it to take a little break. Everything...

Heroic Group Saves the Life of a Dog Stuck in the Ice, Video is Heartwarming

Dogs life saved
How many of you have seen a distressed animal in danger? If you ever do, what would you do? How would you do it? Well, this is how this group of heroic people helped save a dog trapped in a frozen lake. Michael Ryan Wade,...

Photographer Finds Unexpected Surprise In Abandoned House

what she found, changed her life forever.