All Because Of Chocolate A Wild Grandma Defies Death To Help Those In Need

93-year-old wingwalking
After being motivated by a TV commercial for a chocolate bar, a 93-year-old grandma performed a wing walk for the FIFTH time. In an effort to collect money for the charity Sue Ryder, Betty Bromage fastened herself to a biplane's wings. Despite experiencing neck arthritis, the...

Internet Divided After Dad Goes Viral Building A ‘Flamethrower’ For His Kids

Dad builds flamethrower for kids
Of course, you can't just hand your child a real flamethrower and let them have it. That would be far too dangerous, but one father took matters into his own hands and transformed a leaf blower into a magnificent and impressive-looking "flamethrower" toy for...

Blind Woodworker Amazes Just Using Touch & Smell

blind woodturner
When most people think of woodturning, they envision someone carefully working a piece of wood on a lathe, using precise tools to create a beautiful and functional work of art. But for one blind woodturner, the process is entirely different. This extraordinary craftsman relies...

Firefighters Huddle Around Storm Drain-Then Begin Pulling Out These Little Babies

they were surprised when they pulled all 8 of them out