Bear Cub Is Unable To Keep Up With His Momma And Siblings, So Cop Comes To Save The Day

He knew it could potentially be dangerous, but he knew he had to help

“An Angel Caught Him”: Child Falls From 7-Story Window, And Walks Away Unharmed

He looked out, and couldn't believe what he saw on the ground

Rescuers Find Abandoned Dog At Gas Station, Then Notice The Heartbreaking Note On Collar

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Heroic Farmer Races The Flames To Stop Wild Fire From Reaching Neighborhood

brave farmer stops wildfire
This weekend in England, a brave farmer rapidly thought on his feet to put out a fire that was spreading through a barley field. To put out the flame, Bill Alexander used his tractor to plow a line through his neighbor's farm. The flames, which...

Fed Up Dad Uses TikTok For Good & Leaves His Followers Amazed

dad loses weight on tiktok
A father who put on 420 pounds while gorging on pizza and guzzling pints of Guinness has reduced his weight by almost half by dancing to TikTok tunes. After years of binge eating, 52-year-old Adrian Scarlett was so large that a tape measure couldn't even fit...