Their Beautiful Love Story Saved a Famous Chocolate Shop in NYC

Couples Love Story
Mark Libertini, co-owner of Aigner Chocolates in Queens, did not meet his co-owner and now wife through the chocolate shop. The couple actually met in Mark’s old tapas restaurant. Rachel Kellner, his now wife, was a regular and one time she even brought a...

Janitor Shows Up For Work, He Never Thought He Would Leave A Hero

"I was so shocked and didn't touch anything.”

‘The Kids Need Smilies’ One Polish Man Gives Children Fleeing War Torn Ukraine An Incredible Welcome

Man spreads joy
It has been close to a month since Russia has invaded Ukraine and the war has caused millions of Ukrainian citizens to flee. Most of them went to Poland. As the children entered the train station in Poland one man stood out more than...

Mother Overcomes Adversity Creating A Powerful Moment At Sons Wedding

mom with son
A groom danced with his mother, who is unable to walk, in an emotional scene recorded on camera. After the son and his wedding planner published footage of the wonderful scene on social media, Zak Poirier and his mother, Kathy Poirier, became viral. More than three...