Being a police officer can be very stressful. When an officer get a call to rescue a momma dog and her puppies, it takes some pressure off their soldiers.

Once one of the officers saved the family of dogs, she decided to bring one of the dogs back to St. Paul Police Department. The adorable puppy, quickly named Fuzz, fit right into his new home. Senior commander of community engagement for the department, John Lozoya, expressed to the Dodo

“Our chief brings, his dog, Stella, in on Fridays, so we thought it’d be nice to have the puppy come in here and there, too.”

Many officers take time out of their work day to hang out with the fluffy pup.

Fuzz spends his time playing, cuddling, and napping. After all a 10 hour work week can be a lot for a pup. Lozoya stated,

Until then Fuzz will spend his time being the departments own therapy dog.

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