When these people were walking into their house, the last thing they expected to see was their neighbors enormous great dane flying over the top of their six-foot fence. Surprisingly, they saw the great dane sky high reaching heights of nearly seven feet attempting to look over into their yard.

The video is amazing at first, but what the people, and most viewers don’t realize is that the dog had a bit of help from some of his owner’s tools. He found that if he were to jump on his owner’s trampoline, he was able to launch himself high enough to see over the enormous fence. That is how in this video he is able to peek over at his neighbors.

This behavior is apparently very common for great danes, as they are naturally curious and very athletic. They are great guard dogs who love their owners very much, and they will do anything to check out the scene and be sure that their territory is safe.

The dog is finding new and fun ways to be a guard dog, and we think it is absolutely adorable. Great Dane pups are extremely big even during the puppy stage. Despite his size, this guy is full of energy and power. He even appears delighted with his latest trick of spying on and greeting the neighbors.

Watch the video below of the massive dog being nosy and crazy. He is truly adorable and we are glad he is finding new and innovative ways to keep his family safe. Dogs are so loyal!

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Article via sharetap.it