Woman Thinks She Hears Crying-Then Goes Out And Looks In Hole

She was heartbroken, but she knew exactly what she had to do

Mountain Lion Chained Behind Truck for 20 Years Finally Tastes Freedom In Emotional Rescue

Animals are meant to be befriended, worked appropriately or remain wild. Anything else is just wrong. If you think the animal is cool, study it, don’t cage it. I went to a circus when I was younger, and didn’t think much about it. But...

Drone Captures Amazing Video Of Dolphins Creating BEAUTIFUL Rainbow In The Water!

Maybe you have heard the phrase:  "Any day on the water is a good day!" I'm sure that is a mantra of Michael McCarthy.  He has a Facebook page titled "See Through Canoe."  He documents what he sees through his trusty GoPro camera.  Some days...

Stabbed Police Dog Who Saved His Handlers Life Finally In Recovery

A police dog and his handler were recently in a dangerous situation that result in both of them getting hurt. While apprehending a man suspected of robbing a taxi driver at gunpoint, PC Dave Wardell was stabbed in the hand. His partner and German...

Boy Does Whatever It Takes To Save Best Friend From Fatal Illness

“I really love this dog and I didn’t want him to die”
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