Dog Duck Relationship

Have you ever heard the term opposites attract? Well that must be true because this unlikely duo could not be farther from the opposite of each other. I bet you have heard of the duo between a dog and a cat, a cat and a bird, or even a cat and a mouse. But have you ever heard of the duo between a dog and duck? Well that’s exactly what this unlikely duo is.

It seems that the dog and the duck are best friends. In the adorable video it shows the two animals playing a game that appears to be duck duck goose but with a dog instead of the goose. Duck duck goose is when a bunch of people sit in a circle and a picker goes around the circle and says goose to the person he/she wants to pick to chase around the circle. If the chaser catches up to the person before the picker is able to sit down, the picker has to pick again.

The two animals chased each other around the yard and tried to tag each other. The duck, being an American Pekin duck, was slower than the dog. The dog knew that so it took advantage of the situation and ‘ducked’ out of the way when the American Pekin duck would chase him. But the duck had its own strategy. It would wait for the dog to come close to it and then try to get it with its beak.

The duo played happily in the yard and despite their differences had fun together. Animal friendships can teach us so much. Nowadays, we are so judgemental to people that we don’t take time to get to know people before we assume we wouldn’t like them. We only want to be friends with someone based on how they look on the outside or their social status instead of being friends with someone based on how they actually are.

Animal friendships are so adorable and I can’t wait to see what more unlikely animal duos happen in the future.