You’ve probably heard many adorable animal shelter stories. Whether it was about a rescue dog from the streets or brand-new kittens being born, many of us love a classic feel-good story about furry little friends.

If you enjoy those types of stories, then you’ll definitely want to read this precious tale about two buddies named Finn.

A couple weeks ago, a precious cat named Finn found its way to the American Humane Society in Golden Valley, Minnesota. We don’t know much about our feline friend’s story, but we do know he needed a new home.

Later that same day a little boy, ironically also named Finn, showed up to the shelter for his regular Rescue Reader appointment. Rescue Reader is a program where students learning to read can come and read to the animals staying at the shelter. The program allows the students to grow in their reading skills and not be afraid of being judged for their ability. It also helps the animals to form bonds with other humans and provides them with plenty of love and attention.

Human Finn sat down for his hour-long session and began to read his book about dinosaurs. Feline Finn was immediately intrigued and waltzed on over to see what was going on.

As Finn read his story, his new furry friend began to wander around, walking all over Finn’s lap and rubbing his back up against Finn.

Feline Finn clearly wanted attention from human and finally decided to settle himself in Finn’s lap, listening to him practicing reading.

The entire event was captured on camera by one of the shelter workers and quickly shared on Facebook. Under the video they wrote, “Must be a page turner! Finn, one of our Rescue Readers, had a captive audience in Finn the cat when he visited the shelter to read to our adoptable animals.”

The video went viral with almost 250,000 views and over 4,000 shares. Everybody loved the precious behavior of both human and feline Finn.

Because the video spread so quickly, Fin was able to find home only two days after arriving at the shelter.

A worker shared that human Finn was great company for furry Finn “while he was waiting for his new home. With his affectionate personality, Finn (the cat) found a family after just two days in our adoption center!”

The video is an adorable depiction of both the cat and boy, and later on Finn (the boy) finally gave in and played with/cuddled with feline Finn.

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