When teacher Tina Soucy moved into her new classroom at Westbrook High School, she had an unexpected visitor. The visitor was a little orange cat, and he arrived at exactly 7 am.

Ever since that day he has always waited outside her classroom at 7 am, waiting to be let in. After 10 years Simba has still showed up.

This cat isn’t like any other; he roams the school just like a student. Surprisingly he is very social, unlike other cats. He will walk in the hallways, and even interact with student and staff.

His presence is regulated and the staff makes sure they know where he is at all times. Also they try to get rid of an allergy issues.

Simba lives close to the school and his owners know he visits everyday. He is almost 15 years old and everyone loves him. His presence is calming to many students. The school even put on an art show in his honor.

The school is happy to have the pleasant visitor around everyday. Share if you think Simba’s impact on the school is positive.