Mothers who feel they are not ready for motherhood often will resort to drastic measures to get rid of the child. They don’t care what happens to the child. But this dog did care for this baby, and wanted it to be safe.

Gumnerd has a dog who goes by the name Pui, and they love to go exploring on walks. He was the type of pup who could leave to explore on his own, and always return back home.

So it was not unusual that Pui had left home to explore. But as he was out, he went by a trash dump. He found a white plastic bag. Inside? A baby.

But Pui didn’t know that. All he knew what that the smell was intriguing. So he picked it up with his mouth, and brought it all the way home.

Upon arriving, Pui sensed that whatever was in the bag desperately needed help. He gently put the bag down, and began barking like a maniac to get someone’s attention.

And that’s when Gumnerd’s niece came to see what the commotion was all about. She was startled by the dog’s discovery.

Inside the bag was a newborn baby girl, that a mother had carelessly attempted to throw away. The baby girl had been born prematurely, and was in rough condition. But she was still breathing and her umbilical cord remained attached.

We shudder thinking about what could have happened if Pui hadn’t saved the day. He is truly a hero!

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