“About six months ago, he lost his kitty friend, and just over a month ago, he lost his best doggo friend that he’s had as a companion since he was eight weeks old,” Crosby’s owner said.

Crosby is an amazing dog who is very loyal to his friends and family. At first, Crosby’s owner assumed that the dog was handling the death well, but he would soon find out that he was lonely and longing for another forever friend.

Crosby’s owner came home from work one day and was expecting his beloved dog to be waiting for him at the door. Crosby was there, in fact, but instead of his usual happy self, he seemed to be trying to get his owners attention. Once his owner took notice, he sped off into the bathroom and what was there shocked the man.

“I’ve never seen this kitten before, and although I do have a doggy door, it’s way too high off the ground for this little baby to have snuck in. It seems to me that Crosby must have brought her inside. She has an uncanny resemblance to the kitty friend he lost 6 months ago,”

The man went around to all of his neighbors and asked if the small cat belonged to any of them. They all told him that it did not, but mentioned having seen the cat hanging around a few times before. “I took the kitty to the vet to see if she was microchipped, and she isn’t. She was however spayed just a few days ago, and is thought to be about four months old.”

The shelter that the man had taken the cat to was at maximum capacity and warned that if the cat was left in their hands, it may very well be euthanized. It was up to the man to decide the fate of the small kitten, and Crosby was at his side giving his input every second. That’s when he decided to take the cat home and make her a part of the family. Crosby’s response? He stayed right by the kitties side the entire night. The two became best friends in an odd fashion, but now they are inseparable and the dog’s decision may have saved her life.

We love the new friendship that has blossomed between these two and we hope that you love it too!

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You go, Crosby!

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Source: lovemeow.com