When these people found such a sweet dog tied up at a truck stop in the blazing Arizona heat, they thought that someone must have been coming to get her soon. It wasn’t until they noticed the red tag tied to the dog’s neck that they realized that this dog was actually homeless.

The tag on the dog’s neck read the following: “Hello, my name is Miah. I am housebroken and homeless. Please help me. Thanks so much.” Melissa Gable with Maricopa County Animal Care and Control received the call to come and get the dog, and what she found was truly astonishing. The sweet, loving dog was not any older than a year in age and was actually very well trained.

Miah could sit on command, loved any affection that you offered, and would even shake hands when asked. Everyone kept wondering why in the world someone would leave such a sweet dog tied up in the scorching heat.

The MCACC shelter is constantly getting new pets in at their facilities, but Melissa could not help but feel confusion and sadness over the young dog. The dog was clearly well trained, well cared for and most certainly loved. There is a small fee associated with permanently dropping your pet off at the shelter, but the workers at MCACC are usually flexible when is comes to waiving that fee if the scenario fits.


Miah will be available for adoption on July 5, beginning at 11:00 a.m. at the MCACC shelter in Phoenix. We hope that this sweet dog finds a new loving and caring owner who appreciates all of the many different qualities she has to offer. She is an amazing dog who deserves the second chance that this shelter is giving her, and we are very proud of the shelter for giving her this shot at a new life.

Enjoy these beautiful pictures of the sweet dog, who shines extremely bright even though she has been through plenty of hardship to get to the point that she is at today.

We are so thankful that Milah was found in time, and is now being well taken care of. If you hope she finds her forever home soon, and wish her the best of luck, SHARE this post!