dog asleep

We’ve all been there after a long day at work or school when we are simply just too tired to do anything. All we want is to just lay on the couch and sleep. And not just a normal sleep, a deep sleep, when we are too tired to get up to get a bowl of cereal and turn on the television. I can remember a time when I had just finished work and all I wanted to do was to go downstairs and sleep. That is exactly what a dog did in this video.

A dog named Apollo came home after daycare and fell into a deep sleep on the couch. He was so sleepy that he ended up falling off of the couch! (Don’t worry, no harm was done). When this happened, he didn’t even wake up. He didn’t even budge!

Apollo’s owner could not contain his laughter. After the dog fell he went over to check on his dog to see if he was ok, Apollo was fine but to the owner’s surprise he still was asleep. The owner continues to be by the dog’s side and started rubbing his back and belly. The video ends with him petting Apollo, who was still asleep.

Dogs and humans are a lot alike. The more the dog is around its owner, the more it becomes like them. If the owner is energetic and active, the dog is energetic and active. If the owner is sedentary, the dog is often sedentary. For example, my dog is very energetic and loves people, just like me. When people are over she gets excited to see the guests and loves playing with everyone. In the case of this video, since the dog is tired and falls into a deep sleep, the owner probably does the same, and maybe even falls off the couch as well.

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