Agatha Christie once said, “ A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it bears all things, and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.”

It seems like this quote is true and even extends into the animal kingdom as well.

After a car bomb went off in Chile, the resulting flames began to consume various homes in the area. As people fled screaming for their lives, one brave mother dog decided not to let her babies perish in the fire.

As the flames rose higher and higher, mama dog carried her puppies one-by-one to safety. She dropped each one off at the fire truck that was busy dealing with the situation.
An onlooker, however, had the presence of mind to take a few snaps of the heroic mother in action despite the ensuing chaos.

Amanda, a mixed German Shepard, risked her life to save her children and gave a ray of hope during a desperate and awful situation. As she carried each puppy in her mouth, spectators could not help to shed tears through the humaneness being displayed by an animal while an inhumane situation was taking place.
While firefighters remained busy dealing with the fire, Amanda continued her rescue mission as she ran between the burning house and the fire truck delivering her puppies to freedom.

After each puppy was rescued, she sat lovingly next to them and watched the firefighters as they put out the fire.

Once the fire had abated, Amanda continued to protect her children as she barked and lunged at the firefighters when they tried to take her puppies away for medical checkups.

After much coaxing by the onsite veterinarian, Felipe Lara, Amanda finally decided to let him check her pups except for one who was in bad condition. She wanted to stay by his side to make sure he would be treated properly.

Even though Amanda delivered her puppies to safety, her owner was not so lucky. Omar Torres suffered several burns and was treated at a local hospital nearby.

Most of the puppies, however, remained unharmed due to their mother’s brave actions. One puppy named Amparo, the one who had suffered from severe burns was not so lucky as it died a couple days later.

The above pics of Amanda and her heroic rescue first surfaced on Reddit and immediately spread through other social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

The story and the pictures were well received by the masses and all enjoyed the warm-hearted message the pictures conveyed – that love can overcome all adversities, including a blazing fire.

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