Scuba swimmers off the coast of the Galapagos Islands got an amazing surprise from a group of sea lions. 

The islands rocky shore and beaches are home to many sea lions their demeanor is compared to dogs and are often reffed to as “sea dogs” or “ocean puppies.” 

Typically adult sea lions do not like to be around humans, males are very territorial and can weigh over 300 pounds. 

However, juvenile sea lions are very different from adults crazy nature and went in for a close up when they spotted some divers with their under water cameras. The divers mimicked the sea lions and the two pairs engaged in some fun. 

The sea lions blew bubbles as they communicated while swimming in circles in a beautiful form of water ballet. 

Also see in shallow water was a group of sea lion pups playing while waiting for their mother. Infant sea lions often wait in shallow water while their mothers hunt for food and are dependent on milk from their mother for up to three years.

These pups couldn’t help but show off, they roll and dart up and down the water waiting for their mother to return.

As you’ve seen sea lions are hilarious animals and have lovable personalities. Tourists and even residents of the Galapagos islands are fascinated with these comical characters. They inhabit almost every beach and rocky shore in the islands and they act like they own the place. When full grown, they are formidable animals and they have no reason fear people or even other animals, except large sharks.
These sea lions have climbed onto every bench on the pier and they have stretched out and completely taken over. This family who has arrived couldn’t find a place to sit anywhere.

Sea lions are amazing creatures and are cute even when they are grumpy.