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This viral Reddit post

proposes the question, why do cats like refrigerators?

Grayson Martin, a Law student, didn’t hesitate to write on Reddit that question after she found her eight-month-old cat, Trevor, hopping into the fridge.

Martin wrote in her Reddit inquiry, on Sunday, April 3, “Any advice on how to stop my cat from hopping in the fridge every time I open it?? He does this every time.”

This post received over 35,000 upvotes and over 1,000 comments from people who can relate to the issue.

Martin, 23, told Fox News Digital, “He’s still enjoying the fridge.”

Commenters on the Reddit post said that she should pick up Trevor before the fridge opens up, wait until Trevor gets bored of the fridge, and find Trevor a new hiding place.

Martin said, “I decided to take the advice to let him explore the fridge so he becomes uninterested. But so far, he still very much loves to fridge.”

Martin owns two cats, and the other one “isn’t interested in the fridge at all.” This is an exception when Trevor is in the fridge.

You can see in a picture that Martin shared with Fox News Digital, that when Trevor is in the fridge, it catches the attention of his buddy.

cat friend
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Dr. Emily Wilson, a veterinary medicine doctor, told Fox Digital, that it is ”quite uncommon” for cats to use fridges as a place to hide, when they “tend to gravitate towards warmer environments, such as a dryer.”

Wilson thinks that the cat may go in there because of the food or because they want to cool off.

She said, “Minimizing open containers of food and keeping food, particularly meats or fish, in airtight containers may help, If you have a cat that is food motivated, redirecting them with a treat or food toy in another location in the kitchen other locations in the home whenever you open the fridge may help minimize the draw of the fridge.”

Here is another way to possibly help resolve this issue.

Dr. Tom Edling, chief veterinary officer for American Humane, said to Fox Digital, “Offer your cat alternatives to the fridge – it might be a safe place to rest, a high place, etc.”

Edling continued, “Try different options until you find a haven the cat will go to instead of the fridge,” “You can use high, cat-friendly shelves built for the cat attached to walls, tubes large enough for the cat to crawl through, or cardboard boxes. Use your imagination and knowledge of the cat to change his or her behavior without resorting to adverse techniques.”

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