dogs saved

A dog who was trapped in ice was recently rescued by a crew with specialized training and gear with donations from public citizens.

Officials said that the dog fell through the ice and was recovered unharmed after the successful rescue.

Bethlehem Fire Department and EMT crews responded to a frozen body of water at the Swendsen Preserve where a dog fell through the ice and was trapped.

Bethlehem Fire Department EMT Ryan Abrams and Captain Mike Sibilia made this rescue that was on the ice. To reach the dog, one of them waded in the icy water and broke off different sheets of ice. The other crew member knelt down near the edge and waited to be given the dog to take to shore.

The Bethlehem Fire Association said in a social media post, “Thank you to all who have donated to the Bethlehem Firefighters Association in the past. Your donations enabled us to purchase our ice rescue gear. A great job by all involved.”

Another recent rescue was another dog who got stuck in ice.

Wyandotte Police Department worked together with Wyandotte Fire Department to rescue a newly-adopted dog from ice.

This curious dog named Lucy ran away from her home and plunged into a body of frozen water in Detroit. Lucy didn’t manage to drown and plopped herself on a slab of ice, and was stuck there.

The crews worked to bring her out safely. After a little finessing, they managed to pull the dog a little closer with a catchpole.

The police department wrote, “The rescuer did this while standing on a slippery ladder that was submerged in the river while his co-workers held onto him via a rope. Truly an amazing and awesome rescue.”

The neighbors are the ones who spotted the dog and called 911. If not for them, the dog may have drowned or froze to death.