Imagine you’re in elementary school again. Your mom picks you up from school and tells you she has a surprise for you. Next thing you know, you are at an animal shelter and your mom says you can pick out any pet you want to take home.

I have to admit I would probably have gone a little crazy. My mom probably anticipated this, hence, why I was never given an offer like this.

Now, this seems like the ideal situation for any animal loving, full-of-energy and life, elementary child. Most, though, would probably run to the baby animals like kittens or puppies. Some might search for a real tough pet like a snake or a rat. That was not the case though for little Easton.

Easton found himself in that exact scenario. His mom surprised him with the wonderful gift of a pet that he got to choose for himself from a local animal shelter. But, unlike many other children, instead of picking the cutest, coolest, toughest animal, Easton chose a 10-year old cat named Tiny, who is ironically not so tiny.

Easton and Tiny – who is almost the same size as Easton!

What seemed like an unwanted, unattractive pet became Easton’s best buddy. There was an immediate connection at the shelter and the two became fast friends. Easton’s mom shared that they got along wonderfully and she knew Tiny was the pet for Easton.

Tiny did have a sister named Trinity, but they had little to no bond so the shelter approved of the two being adopted separately.

When Easton and his mom let Tiny out of his cage for the first time in their home, he made himself right at home. Instead of cowering away or scanning the area to adjust to the new setting, Tiny settled in, immediately going to sit in Easton’s lap.

Easton’s mom shared the photo above on Facebook and it quickly went viral gaining more than 40,000 likes.

Tiny may not be the cutest cat, the youngest cat, the smallest cat, or even the most playful cat, but Easton and Tiny have a special bond and that’s what matters. To Easton’s sweet, innocent mind Tiny was the perfect pet.

The exterior is not what’s important whether it comes to people or pets. What matters is what’s on the inside. Easton, even at his young age, understood that. His love for Tiny is unconditional and should be an inspiration to all of us.

Maybe we can all learn a lesson from the true bond between Easton and Tiny about what friendship looks like.

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