Olympic Bobsledder Dedicates Game Changing Win To Her Son

Olympic Win
Bobsledder Elana Meyers Taylor is an olympic bobsledder. She was born in Oceanside, California but did not grow up there. She grew up with her family in Douglasville, Georgia. Her dad was a professional football player. She attended college on a scholarship and graduated...

Stranger Gives Toddler $20 And The Reason Leaves His Mom In Tears

owen stranger man gave $20 dinosaurs cried target
“There is still some good in the world."

Baby Girl Has Best Reaction To Her Father And His Guitar, Video is Adorable

Baby Cute Reaction
Everybody loves music. Maybe your favorite artist is Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, Ed Sheeran, or Stevie Wonder. Well, this adorable baby's favorite artist is her dad. Babies love music, but not just any music. They love music that has a fast tempo that matches...

One Of The Last Payphones In The Country Saves A Young Boy’s Life

payhone help
Payphones are still around in the United States, despite what people think. A man from Minnesota has kept a working vintage payphone at the edge of his property ever since last fall. Although the phone has drawn the attention of just the curious neighbors, it...

All She Wanted Was a Dog, When She Finally Got One She Bursted into Tears

Girl gets Dog
Have you ever wanted something for Christmas so bad that that is all you thought about? Well, that is exactly how Claire Hammer, a 7 year old girl from Texas, felt about wanting a dog. For years, Claire was hoping and wishing for a...

Internet Divided After Dad Goes Viral Building A ‘Flamethrower’ For His Kids

Dad builds flamethrower for kids
Of course, you can't just hand your child a real flamethrower and let them have it. That would be far too dangerous, but one father took matters into his own hands and transformed a leaf blower into a magnificent and impressive-looking "flamethrower" toy for...