Man With Kidney Disease Loses Everything, Then His Community Steps In & Get Him A ‘Miracle House’

Alvero Wiggens was forced to move into public housing recently because he could no longer perform his job. Wiggens was diagnosed with kidney failure and as a result spent nine hours a night on dialysis while he awaited a transplant.  At the time he was...

Barber Notices Toddler Trapped In Vehicle And Does Only Thing He Knows To Do

if he didn't step in, the boy could have died.

All She Wanted Was a Dog, When She Finally Got One She Bursted into Tears

Girl gets Dog
Have you ever wanted something for Christmas so bad that that is all you thought about? Well, that is exactly how Claire Hammer, a 7 year old girl from Texas, felt about wanting a dog. For years, Claire was hoping and wishing for a...

One Of The Last Payphones In The Country Saves A Young Boy’s Life

payhone help
Payphones are still around in the United States, despite what people think. A man from Minnesota has kept a working vintage payphone at the edge of his property ever since last fall. Although the phone has drawn the attention of just the curious neighbors, it...

With Coyotes On The Prowl, Heroic Dog Fights To Protect Scared Boy After Car Crash

without him there's a chance he wouldn't be alive.

Little Boy Has Unexpected Reaction When His Mom Ate All His Candy, Video Is Priceless

Little Boy Candy
Children love their candy. They love the fact that it is sweet, sugary, and will make them bounce off the walls. When a little boy gets candy, all he wants to do is eat it. It consumes his brain and that is all he...