10 Year Old Gets A Birthday Surprise He’ll Never Forget, ‘He Had Only Seen Them In The Movies’

boy surprised with limo
Dante Johnson’s birthday was one to remember.  Dante was waiting to be picked up from school on his 10th birthday, but to his surprise, he heard his aunt calling to him from a shiny black limousine. Dante had never seen a limousine in real life...

NFL Football Icon Shares A Very Valuable Lesson He Had To Learn As A Parent

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Minicamp
NFL great Tom Brady opened out on the difficulties he and his wife have as parents. Money has turned out to be the most challenging aspect of parenting, according to Brady, who made this revelation on an episode of Ford CEO Jim Farley's podcast "Drive." When...

Man With Kidney Disease Loses Everything, Then His Community Steps In & Get Him A ‘Miracle House’

Alvero Wiggens was forced to move into public housing recently because he could no longer perform his job. Wiggens was diagnosed with kidney failure and as a result spent nine hours a night on dialysis while he awaited a transplant.  At the time he was...

With Coyotes On The Prowl, Heroic Dog Fights To Protect Scared Boy After Car Crash

without him there's a chance he wouldn't be alive.

Simon Cowell Offers Huge Reward after Dog Nappers Steal Little Boy’s Puppy

“Dear Father Christmas,” Edward Latter's letter started out. He continued on “I just want one present for Christmas this year, my dog Morse back. I’ve been a very good boy all year. Thank you, Edward aged two and three-quarters.” When Edward's his dog and best...

50 Moms Perform Astounding Carpool Karaoke Bringing Famous Host To Tears

The most beautiful karaoke performance...EVER!!