Thought To Be Gone For Good 10 years Later These Lovable Little Animals Beat The Odds

After disappearing for a decade, some lovable little animals have beaten the odds. A routine survey in Galveston Island State Park uncovered a nest of 107 precious turtle eggs belonging to a Kemp's Ridley sea turtle. These critically endangered species are the world's most endangered...

A Selfless Act & An Amazing Tip Turns Into A Real Life Miracle

tips 777
Her prayers were clearly heard. On a meager $63 bill, a New Orleans waitress was tipped a stunning $777, along with a note that said, "Take the night off." Ava Guan, a server at Hoshun Restaurant,...

Mother Gives The Greatest Gift Of All After Daughter Battles With Infertility

In Utah, a 50-year-old mother gave her daughter the greatest gift of all: life — twice. When Chalise Smith's daughter, Kaitlyn Munoz, 25, battled with infertility, the mother of eight stepped in as a surrogate for her.

Nobody Would Sign His Middle School Yearbook, So Some High School Seniors Stepped In

Well beyond the sad beginning of this story is an outpouring of love and kindness from high school students who jumped in to help a much younger stranger who was feeling down. A sixth-grade student at a charter school in Westminster, Colorado, was depressed and...

Owners Give Dog Plate Of New Food, Her Reaction Is Hysterical

she may have better manners than most kids.

They Lost EVERYTHING But Then A Woman Sacrificed It All To Give Them A New Start

It's incredible to watch people come together during difficult times. A woman whose family escaped to Britain to flee a war has closed her seaside hotel to tourists in order to provide accommodation for Ukrainian refugees. Even during her busiest season in Weston-super-Mare, England, Nitsa Michael...