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Caleb Shadle

Known for his high energy and passion, Caleb is an effective facilitator, teacher, and speaker. He began moving his career to digital marketing and web design in January of 2015. Since then, he has has had the opportunity to work with Today's Growth Consultant and start his own company, CS Design and Marketing. Prior to marketing, Caleb has been pursuing alternative educations such as wilderness schools, outdoor education, EMT licensing and wilderness medical training. On a more personal note, Caleb loves everything about the outdoors. He has biked from Lewis, Delaware to the southern most point of the U.S and from Delaware to Colorado. He has embarked on two road trips across the U.S where he explored rock climbing, biking, and several other high intensity sports. He is a big supporter of the Boy Scouts of America and the way they train up young boys to become men. One of his greatest achievements is the rank of Eagle Scout.