It’s a mother’s worst nightmare. If you grew up in any state that does a lot of corn, you know the fear: a little child getting lost is a massive cornfield.

Dyton Logalbo was playing near his home in Wisconsin when he wandered away from his house and into a cornfield. His mother immediately noticed him gone and started to look, but eventually called authorities when she couldn’t find him.

Police sent out Helicopters, drones, and K9 units to assist in finding the boy. The authorities didn’t even have to ask for volunteers because over 500 community volunteers signed up almost immediately. Having volunteers is crucial for searching cornfields due to their large sizes and tall characteristics.

After about 20 hours, volunteer, Tom Andraschko, found the young boy seated on the ground. He was cold, wet and terrified but in good health. Thank God it wasn’t winter or that may not have been the case. “I asked my wife if she thought I should come this morning, if they need any help,” Andraschko, a father of 2-year-old twins told WAOW. “She said, ‘well, if it were your kids, how many people would you want to come?’ So I came right away.”

The local sheriff praised the community for their compassion and willingness to do what needed to be done. Watching a community come together like this is one of the most heartwarming events that could take place.

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