All She Wanted Was a Dog, When She Finally Got One She Bursted into Tears

Girl gets Dog
Have you ever wanted something for Christmas so bad that that is all you thought about? Well, that is exactly how Claire Hammer, a 7 year old girl from Texas, felt about wanting a dog. For years, Claire was hoping and wishing for a...

Handlers Give Zola A Kiddie Pool–But Are Stunned By His Wild Reaction

They quickly grabbed their cameras...the internet needed to see this!

Watch: Woman Was Trapped By A Coyote But Then Her Little Terrier Showed Up

dog and coyote
Dogs can be described in many different ways by their owners. The most common word that describes our dogs is a companion. After all, dogs are with us through every high and low, and they are always going to be part of our daily...

Watch: Whole Crowd Goes Silent As a Blind Basketball Player Attempts The Impossible

Blind Basketball Player
High School is most viewed by people as a place that is loud, crazy, and full of all sorts of people. It is also viewed as a major bully zone where a lot of kids with disabilities like hearing loss, blindness, and autism, are...

‘Wonder Years’ Reboot In Peril After Fred Savage Gets Himself In Serious Trouble

wonder years
According to a legal source, Fred Savage could find himself in a fresh new lawsuit after being fired from his “wonder year’s reboot.” Following multiple complaints of misconduct in his role as executive producer and director, he was ousted from the tv show. 45-year-old Savage had...

Adorable Otter Can Not Fall Asleep Without Stuffed Animal, Video is Heartwarming

Otter Cuddles Stuffed Animal
When we were kids, we all had that one thing that would help us fall asleep. It could have been a blanket that we always carried around with us, it could have been a night light that we would have on at night, or...

Dog Saved After Being Homeless All His Life, Video Is Heartwarming

Dog Saved
They say that dogs are man's best friend. I for one couldn't agree more. The term “man’s best friend” is a phrase that is used to describe dogs. Generally dogs that are pets. They developed this name by how amazing these animals really are....