Woman Gets A Free Couch On Craigslist & Her Jaw Drops When She Discovers What’s Inside

free couch
A woman from California was sitting on a couch not realizing that directly under her was a large sum of money. The couch she had from Craigslist was a treasure box that she got for free. Vicky Umodu had just moved into her new home in...

Handlers Give Zola A Kiddie Pool–But Are Stunned By His Wild Reaction

They quickly grabbed their cameras...the internet needed to see this!

8 Year Old Walks Up To Boat, What He Does Will Make You Laugh Up A Storm

make sure you watch it with the sound on

Heroic Group Saves the Life of a Dog Stuck in the Ice, Video is Heartwarming

Dogs life saved
How many of you have seen a distressed animal in danger? If you ever do, what would you do? How would you do it? Well, this is how this group of heroic people helped save a dog trapped in a frozen lake. Michael Ryan Wade,...

Mother Overcomes Adversity Creating A Powerful Moment At Sons Wedding

mom with son
A groom danced with his mother, who is unable to walk, in an emotional scene recorded on camera. After the son and his wedding planner published footage of the wonderful scene on social media, Zak Poirier and his mother, Kathy Poirier, became viral. More than three...

Watch: Whole Crowd Goes Silent As a Blind Basketball Player Attempts The Impossible

Blind Basketball Player
High School is most viewed by people as a place that is loud, crazy, and full of all sorts of people. It is also viewed as a major bully zone where a lot of kids with disabilities like hearing loss, blindness, and autism, are...

Firefighters Get Creative To Save Silly Baby Raccoon In A Tight Spot

A baby raccoon in Harrison Township, Michigan found itself in a tight spot that required local firefighters to get creative. At Clearview Drive and South River road in Harrison Township located in the Metro Detroit area Lt. Lorkowski said his department got a strange call...