When The Unthinkable Happens At Little League Championship Parents Spring Into Action

Kids lay on ground during shooting
Young baseball kids aged 7 and 8 are shown on horrifying camera footage ducking for cover as gunfire rang out at a Little League state championship game in North Carolina. As at least three bullets were fired on Sunday, with one hitting only feet from...

Two Kids Saved After Woman Notices A Little Girl’s Desperate Signal

Woman saves children from kidnapping
A Florida mother is being praised for saving two children who were scared that they were being abducted after acting on a terrible instinct that prompted her to take action. The unidentified hero told WTVT-TV that when she saw two 12-year-old kids riding bikes behind an...

Mothers Quick Thinking Saves Her Sons Life After A Rare Attack

Unless you've spent time among catfish and are aware of their surprise danger, you probably don't think of them when you think of pain, stingers, or venom. “Most species of catfish have a single spine-like fin ray at the end of each pectoral and dorsal...

Janitor Shows Up For Work, He Never Thought He Would Leave A Hero

"I was so shocked and didn't touch anything.”