Young Couple Leaves Waitress Inspired After Unexpected Generous Tip

everybody needs to know that there are still really good people out in this world

Real Life Lassie: Dog Leads Police On Wild Chase Then Make A Jaw Dropping Discovery

dog saves owner
Dogs, especially Tinsley, a Shiloh Shepherd, are truly man's best friend. She led police in New Hampshire to her owner, who was injured in a car accident and required medical treatment. New Hampshire State Police were dispatched to a report of a loose dog on...

Firemen Save Adorable Unconscious Puppy From Burning Building After Using New Technique

If it weren't for them, the poor dog wouldn't have survived.

Watch: Woman Was Trapped By A Coyote But Then Her Little Terrier Showed Up

dog and coyote
Dogs can be described in many different ways by their owners. The most common word that describes our dogs is a companion. After all, dogs are with us through every high and low, and they are always going to be part of our daily...