‘Any Advice?’ Law Student Asks For Help Over The Hilarious Relationship Between His Cat & A Refrigerator

cat in fridge
This viral Reddit post proposes the question, why do cats like refrigerators? Grayson Martin, a Law student, didn’t hesitate to write on Reddit that question after she found her eight-month-old cat, Trevor, hopping into the fridge. Martin wrote in her Reddit inquiry, on Sunday, April 3, "Any...

Internet Divided After Dad Goes Viral Building A ‘Flamethrower’ For His Kids

Dad builds flamethrower for kids
Of course, you can't just hand your child a real flamethrower and let them have it. That would be far too dangerous, but one father took matters into his own hands and transformed a leaf blower into a magnificent and impressive-looking "flamethrower" toy for...

‘By The Grace Of God’ Pilot’s Quick Thinking Avoids Disaster During ‘Amazing’ Emergency Landing

plane emergency landing on highway
On a North Carolina highway early on Sunday morning, a single-engine pilot made an emergency landing. According to WLOS-TV, Vincent Fraser was in the air with his father-in-law when the plane's engine started to malfunction. “I would go through my checklist and I was able to...

Elderly Dog Abandoned Outside Shelter In Trash Bag, Refuses To Give Up On Life

"Someone didn't take very good care of her at all."

Watch: Woman Was Trapped By A Coyote But Then Her Little Terrier Showed Up

dog and coyote
Dogs can be described in many different ways by their owners. The most common word that describes our dogs is a companion. After all, dogs are with us through every high and low, and they are always going to be part of our daily...

Stranger Gives Toddler $20 And The Reason Leaves His Mom In Tears

owen stranger man gave $20 dinosaurs cried target
“There is still some good in the world."