cat wave

What makes cat people cat people. Is it the similar personalities between humans and cats? Maybe it is the excitement that comes with owning a cat. But there are some people that are absolutely not cat people.

Cats also have different personalities just as humans do. Sometimes you see the kind of car that is timid and you only see it once a day. And then there’s the opposite. The cat that wants all of the attention.

According to cats sometimes share common traits with their owners. Cats are found to mimic the personalities of their owners, “particularly with traits like extroversion, openness, and neuroticism or emotional stability.” When researchers surveyed 3,000 cat owners, certain traits that appeared more dominant in owners also appeared more dominant in their cats as well.

This ginger tabby cat named Mayhem is a two-year-old that was at a welfare organization named Lollipop Farm. He was looking for a second home in the New York location. It was the second time he had been there. Unfortunately, his first owner abandoned him and his second owner wasn’t a good fit for the poor little guy.

When you see what he does to get people’s attention, it will make your heart melt.

As far as personalities go, Mayhem is a cat that is full of love. He would love a home that has a lot of activities to do so he stays busy. He also has his special way to capture the attention of anyone who walks into a room with him.

When the staff walks by him he puts his paws against the door and practically begs for some people to come over and play with him. He has a lot of energy and is as “full as his personality” is. When a feline craves that much attention to itself, we all know that they deserve it.