wonder years

According to a legal source, Fred Savage could find himself in a fresh new lawsuit after being fired from his “wonder year’s reboot.”

Following multiple complaints of misconduct in his role as executive producer and director, he was ousted from the tv show.

45-year-old Savage had previously settled a lawsuit In 2019 with Youngjoo Hwang, a costumer on the set of the comedy “The Grinder.” She accused him of assault and harassment.

When Hwang‘s attorney was asked about the allegations, she said, “This was a long time coming and I am not the least bit surprised. When my client came to me in 2018 with her allegations against Mr. Savage, we discovered that there was at least one lawsuit that had been filed against him in the past and that Mr. Savage had allegedly engaged in this type of behavior not just towards my client but other women as well. It is unfortunate that it took my client speaking out and now reportedly these others before action was finally taken.”

She claimed during the lawsuit that Savage “violently struck” her in the arm and yelled ‘Do not touch me with your hands!’ She tries to brush dandruff off of his suit and that the actor has “volatile and aggressive temper as it related to the female crew.”

The filing read, “Plaintiff is informed and believes that there have been numerous complaints made to the Defendants Fox (and even other networks, including ABC) over a number of years regarding Defendant Savage’s illegal conduct and yet Defendants Fox continued to employ him. Defendant Savage was known to intimidate, bully and torment female crew members while they were doing their job duties by yelling things like ‘I’m not a dog, quit f—ing following me!’ ‘Don’t ever even f—ing look at me anymore’, and ‘Get the f–k away from me’.”

At the time, Savage called the allegations “completely without merit and absolutely untrue.” He later was cleared by an investigation by 20th Century Television, and produced “The Grinder.”

Savage was also one of the producers and directed 8 episodes including the pilot.

Seda said that a new legal issue can arise with a new accuser launching civil action against him.

Deadline reported that although the truth is not apparent, Savage has been reported to have inappropriate behavior and verbal outbursts.

A 20th Century Television spokesperson said, “Recently, we were made aware of allegations of inappropriate conduct by Fred Savage, and as is policy, an investigation was launched. Upon its completion, the decision was made to terminate his employment as an executive producer and director of The Wonder Years.”

Seda also said, “The network stated they investigated these new complaints and as a result, terminated Mr. Savage. I suspect that at this point, with the accusations adding up against Mr. Savage, the network must have found some corroboration and had no choice but to part ways with him. If an employer fails to act after complaints of misconduct that are found to be true, they can be held civilly liable in court. So not only would the individual perpetrator be liable, but the employer would be as well. Fox has not corroborated the claims on record nor have they released their findings of the investigation; we can only surmise some wrongdoing was found.”

A rep for savage gave no response to the request to comment.

In 1993, the original “Wonder Years” was canceled because of a sexual harassment file was made against the 16-year-old savage.

Monique Long filed the report in 1993 that said she couldn’t do her job because Savage asked to hold her hand, requested an affair, and made sexual remarks. This was disputed in court.

Mills, who played Savage’s character’s mom said that he was the “least offensive, most wonderful, sweet human being that ever walked the face of the earth.”