Dog Saves Owner After Vicious Showdown With Mountain Lion

dog fights lion
A California hiker recently avoided an attack from a mountain lion as her dog risked its life and saved her. Erin Wilson was on a hiking trail in California called the big bar pass with her dog, a Belgian shepherd named Eva when the big...

Firemen Save Adorable Unconscious Puppy From Burning Building After Using New Technique

If it weren't for them, the poor dog wouldn't have survived.

Watch: Family Has A Crazy Encounter On Their Boat With A Real Life Jaws

shark attack
While out on a fishing trip with the family, a monster 13-foot shark attacks the boat. This makes for a long hour and a half. Off the coast of Mandurah, David Tuckfield was out on a boat with his family fishing when his 14-year-old son...

‘Any Advice?’ Law Student Asks For Help Over The Hilarious Relationship Between His Cat & A Refrigerator

cat in fridge
This viral Reddit post proposes the question, why do cats like refrigerators? Grayson Martin, a Law student, didn’t hesitate to write on Reddit that question after she found her eight-month-old cat, Trevor, hopping into the fridge. Martin wrote in her Reddit inquiry, on Sunday, April 3, "Any...

With Coyotes On The Prowl, Heroic Dog Fights To Protect Scared Boy After Car Crash

without him there's a chance he wouldn't be alive.

All Because Of Chocolate A Wild Grandma Defies Death To Help Those In Need

93-year-old wingwalking
After being motivated by a TV commercial for a chocolate bar, a 93-year-old grandma performed a wing walk for the FIFTH time. In an effort to collect money for the charity Sue Ryder, Betty Bromage fastened herself to a biplane's wings. Despite experiencing neck arthritis, the...