‘Any Advice?’ Law Student Asks For Help Over The Hilarious Relationship Between His Cat & A Refrigerator

cat in fridge
This viral Reddit post proposes the question, why do cats like refrigerators? Grayson Martin, a Law student, didn’t hesitate to write on Reddit that question after she found her eight-month-old cat, Trevor, hopping into the fridge. Martin wrote in her Reddit inquiry, on Sunday, April 3, "Any...

Mothers Quick Thinking Saves Her Sons Life After A Rare Attack

Unless you've spent time among catfish and are aware of their surprise danger, you probably don't think of them when you think of pain, stingers, or venom. “Most species of catfish have a single spine-like fin ray at the end of each pectoral and dorsal...

Pedestrian Finds Abandoned Newborn Seal. Rescuers Risk Lives To Try And Save Her

rescuers seal baby newborn cliff
"this might be our only chance to save its life"

A Pregnant Elephant Had A Different Plan For Commuters Trying To Get To Work

pregnant elephant in roadway
A heavily pregnant elephant was seen on tape creating a major traffic jam by stopping in the middle of the road for an hour to nap. The expectant mother-to-be lumbered toward automobiles with her ears spread as if demanding that drivers slow down before squatting...