Specialized Dogs Save Zoo From Infectious Disease

The Saint Louis Zoo WildCare Park is a 425-acre site that is being used as part of the zoo's conservation program. A infectious disease called Ranavirus was discovered in the area and it is known to be 80% fatal to turtles. To save the box turtle...

Police department adopt cute puppy

Being a police officer can be very stressful. When an officer get a call to rescue a momma dog and her puppies, it takes some pressure off their soldiers. Once one of the officers saved the family of dogs, she decided to bring one of...

Hidden Treasures: State Creates War Monuments That Will Blow Your Mind

Beachfront lifestyle, distinctive animals, and plenty of aloha pride for the US military are all part of Hawaiian culture. There are various memorials and monuments recognizing the sacrifice of heroes throughout the island of Oahu, which was the site of the Pearl Harbor attack on...

Watch: Rescued Bear Is So Happy He Can’t Stop Jumping

bear jumping rescue cute
I can't even 'bear' how cute he is

Woman Hesitates To Open Door But Changes Her Mind When Teen Hold Something Up To Camera

wallet returned $1500 good samaritan teenager
"It’s sad that I didn’t trust him to open my door."