Pedestrian Finds Abandoned Newborn Seal. Rescuers Risk Lives To Try And Save Her

rescuers seal baby newborn cliff
"this might be our only chance to save its life"


  Roland Handel's family had just enjoyed a family barbecue and were preparing for bed the night the California wildfires spread their way to Sonoma County. It was there that Roland and his family owned a barn, and the flames threatened to destroy their home...

Dad Was Legally Dead Until His 10 & Seven Year Old Leaped Into Action

man dead
A dad of two had been dead for about 18 minutes when his kids revived him. 48-year-old Stuart Waters went into cardiac arrest when he was behind the wheel. He was driving Sadie, 10, and Jude, 7, back from football practice one evening Out of the blue,...

Watch: Powerful Video Shows NYPD Carry A Wounded 4 Year Old To Safety During Times Square Shooting

An argument between several men got out of control in Times Square and three innocent bystanders were hit with gunfire.  One of the injured was four year old Skye Martinez, who was struck in the calf by a stray bullet.  As bystanders ran from the scene...

Woman Hesitates To Open Door But Changes Her Mind When Teen Hold Something Up To Camera

wallet returned $1500 good samaritan teenager
"It’s sad that I didn’t trust him to open my door."

Scientists Amazed After Gold Miners Make ‘One Of The Most Incredible’ Discoveries Ever

The body of a young woolly mammoth was found mummified and nearly complete by gold miners in Canada's Yukon territory. According to a government press release, the creature was discovered by the miners on Tuesday as they were excavating through permafrost. The Trondok Hwchin people's ancestral...

Summer Love Turns Tragic, She Makes Phone Call Years Later & His Whole World Changes Fast

Summer Love Turns Tragic, She Makes Phone Call Years Later & His Whole World Changes Fast
she didn't know why but she had a feeling she needed to call