Kristina dropped her boyfriend off at the local train station, so he could catch a flight to NYC to celebrate his friend Johnny’s birthday, or so she thought. Matthew had a completely different itinerary in mind.

The young couple started dating 5 years ago. Over the years, their love has only grown stronger and stronger. Matthew is on a mission to ask Kristina’s family, for her hand in marriage, and catch it all on video. Kristina has no idea.

On their 5 year anniversary, their friends planned a wine tasting tour at a local winery. Matthew had planned the entire day to surprise Kristina with the 4 words every woman longs to hear, “Will you marry me?”

When the couple arrives at the winery, Kristina is asked to watch a video before the tasting. Little did she know, she was about to watch a documentary of how her boyfriend traveled all around the United States to ask for her hand in marriage.

As Kristina anxiously watches the video with questions running through her mind, tears begin streaming down her face. The video is showing Matthew walking towards a cemetery holding a bouquet of lilies.

Kristina’s father had passed away in 2007. Matthew had come to ask her father for Kristina’s hand in marriage.

This is where I lost it. Matt begins reading a promise to Kristina’s dad starting to care for, love, and cherish his daughter as he did when he was alive.

After crying her heart out, Kristina focuses back to the screen of the tablet to finish the video Matthew had prepared for her.

His next stop was at Kristina’s mother’s house.

Here, Matthew professed his love for his girlfriend of 5 years to her mother and step-father. They both granted Kristina’s hand to Matt. Her mother also stated that she knows without a doubt that her father would approve too.

Do we need to pause for another tissue?? I know I do!!

The last stop on Matthews tour is to visit Kristina’s 80-year-old grandmother in Las Vegas.

Here, the video shows her grandmother gifting a family heirloom to Matthew, to ask Kristina to spend forever with him. Her grandmother gave Matt her mothers diamond ring from 1935.

By this time, there is not one dry eye in the room. Matt jokingly instructs Kristina to fix her mascara and take a walk to where they first fell in love, 5 years ago.

5 years ago, on the same day, Matt and Kristina visited this same winery. They had a toast to their relationship on the beautiful stone pier overlooking the luscious vineyards. Once Kristina dried her eyes, she went on the short walk to the stone pier.

Once she reached the pier, she saw her entire family waiting there, including the man of her dreams, standing alone, in the exact place they took their first selfie as a couple and made a toast to new beginnings.

With her face in her hand, Kristina approaches Matthew, and he falls to one knee. He pulls out the ring that her grandmother had passed on to them, and the four words spill off of his tongue. “Will you marry me?”

She said yes!!! Immediately the couple embraces each other with a kiss.

After all that planning and the way he leads up to asking her, how could she have said no?
She is in love with Matthew, and the way he reminds her of her Dad, she knows he is “The One.”

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