Fascinating Invention Could Potentially Save Lives Of Refugees

Coffee grounds have been known for its many uses, such as fertilizing your garden, using it for facials, and many other things. But a group of students from Toronto University are now using it to help refugees living in camps in sub-Saharan Africa, and...

Dog Rescued From Abuse Goes On To Live New Life Of Epic Adventures

"At that point I could really start to see her demeanor change"

Adorable Aquarium Dolphins Airlifted To Safety To Escape Deadly Hurricane

luckily humans aren't the only ones being evacuated

Building Collapses On Hundreds of People. What Rescuers Discovered Will Leave You In Tears.

In Nairobi, Kenya a young 6 month old baby girl was saved out of a collapsed building. Last week on a Friday, a six story building collapsed in a small community. The building was said to have been structurally unstable and very dangerous. Before...

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