Woman Hears Strange Sound Only To Find A Hilarious Guest At Back Door

When most of us see certain wild animals, we tend to run the other direction (or at least make our best attempt to avoid them). For instance, if we see a giant rat in our backyard, chances are we are not going to go running...

Dog Sniffs Something Frozen Stiff In Snow, Owner Sees What It Is Has To Perform Desperate Rescue

Watch what happens after her desperate efforts it’s truly heartwarming!

Cat goes to the same place every day at the same time

When teacher Tina Soucy moved into her new classroom at Westbrook High School, she had an unexpected visitor. The visitor was a little orange cat, and he arrived at exactly 7 am. Ever since that day he has always waited outside her classroom at 7 am,...

Dog Rescued From Abuse Goes On To Live New Life Of Epic Adventures

"At that point I could really start to see her demeanor change"

Dog Escapes Burning Home But Becomes Hero When She Finds Something In The Floor

they couldn't understand why the dog was acting so strangely.

Specialized Dogs Save Zoo From Infectious Disease

The Saint Louis Zoo WildCare Park is a 425-acre site that is being used as part of the zoo's conservation program. A infectious disease called Ranavirus was discovered in the area and it is known to be 80% fatal to turtles. To save the box turtle...

Watch: Wow! Meet The ‘Friendly’ Great White

The great white shark is one of the most deadly sea creatures on the planet. Anyone in their way is practically bate. In the video below this is not the case. Below shows a video of a great white by the name of "Bite Face."...