Lily a small Yorkie was playing out in the snow when day when she came across a bird. This bird didn’t seem to fly away like most birds; it sat there stiffly. The owner of Lily quickly noticed the bird.

“What are you doing Lily? You leave the birdie alone.”

When she approached it it was completely frozen and barely hanging on to it’s life.

The dogs owner immediately grabbed a kiddie pool and a towel. She scooped up the poor bird and brought him to her door. Then she began to drying him off with a hair dryer, in hopes that it would warm up the bird.

After some time the bird started moving a little bit more, until finally it was no longer frozen. The bird then flapped it’s wings and flew back to it’s family. If it weren’t for Lily playing in the snow, the poor bird wouldn’t have made it through the cold. 

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