Dog Escapes Burning Home But Becomes Hero When She Finds Something In The Floor

they couldn't understand why the dog was acting so strangely.

Dog Sniffs Something Frozen Stiff In Snow, Owner Sees What It Is Has To Perform Desperate Rescue

Watch what happens after her desperate efforts it’s truly heartwarming!

Park Ranger Takes A Second Look And Makes An Astounding Discovery, Most Significant In California History

It was a hot summers day when Ranger Greg Francek eye caught something that didn’t seem right.  What Francek spotted inside the Mokelumne River Watershed has led to one of the most significant discoveries in California history.   “I looked around the area further and I...

Dog Rescued From Abuse Goes On To Live New Life Of Epic Adventures

"At that point I could really start to see her demeanor change"

Woman Hears Strange Sound Only To Find A Hilarious Guest At Back Door

When most of us see certain wild animals, we tend to run the other direction (or at least make our best attempt to avoid them). For instance, if we see a giant rat in our backyard, chances are we are not going to go running...

Amazing! Man Wrestles Alligator To Save His Puppy (VIDEO)

Jake, is an 8 month old chocolate lab and he loves visitors even though an alligator just tried to eat him for lunch. “He’s on the mend. He’s full of spit and vinegar today," said Jake's owner Mike McCoy. McCoy was walking his 8 month old...